The Power of Repetition

Repetition is a pattern that can be used to create something more beautiful and meaningful. Photo by Juliana on Unsplash

After all, “when we change the way we look at things, the things we look at, change”.

We are at the peak of our suggestibility when we wake up in the morning, when we are about to fall asleep when we are lost in an interesting movie (or book), when we are meditating, as well as when we are vulnerable. Except for the last one, the rest are what we can say “trance” states — when we are so relaxed and engrossed at the moment that everything else ceases to exist for a while (again, more on that in a separate post). Any information given to us during these times has an increased chance of embedding itself directly in our subconscious mind without being logically analyzed (Inception, anyone?).

When you believe in something (good or bad) with such faith, you end up looking for the smallest of signs to prove that it is, in fact true, all the while turning a blind eye to all the evidence against it.

Create mindfulness, not anxiety.

Boost resilience with gratitude
Every night before going to sleep, make it a point to think of at least five things/people/situations that you feel thankful for. Or simply say “I am thankful for everything I have, every opportunity I have received, every lesson I have learned, and every person I have met. And I close my day with nothing but gratitude and grace.” Practicing gratitude on a regular basis helps increase mental and emotional resilience (that is, your ability to bounce back faster and stronger after a setback no matter how big or small).



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Aparna Nayyar

Aparna Nayyar

I write to help people lead more fulfilling lives by helping them take care of their psychological well-being.