It Is Okay For You To See A Therapist

  • Parents refrain from talking about mental illnesses in front of their kids for the need to shield them from harm because they feel that by talking about depression they might induce depressed feelings in their kids — which is totally absurd. Would talking about cancer suddenly give someone cancer? No.
  • The same children whose parents never spoke about mental health and the issues surrounding it in front of them start to assume that it’s all taboo because they’re not allowed to talk about it at home so something has to be terribly wrong and they must not talk about it either, or worse, they ask their peers (who don’t know much themselves) or look it up on the internet (much much worse considering that kids don’t even know exactly what knowledge they’re looking for). If you can see, there’s kind of an analogous pattern to this just like young teens experimenting with knowledge about sex and intimacy. So now, even if they do come to know something (or anything at all) they must whisper and look down upon it.
  • When enough people collectively start behaving this way, the ones who actually are suffering from even mild emotional issues, are frowned upon and treated as untouchables or outcasts which does more harm to their disposition and no amount of therapy can make them feel better.
  • Those few people who actually are educated enough, struggle to share their knowledge because there are no takers. And the ones who do go in for therapy, wish to keep the engagement under wraps (there are people who’d rather let their spouse accuse them of infidelity than sharing their agony and the truth about seeing a therapist after work hours).
  • Then there are celebrities. When cases like the suicides of Chester Bennington, Robin Williams, and Anthony Bourdain, or the struggles of Deepika Padukone start to surface, people are naturally interested in the gossip (yes, that’s the word) but not in finding out more about the issues and the possible solutions to prevent and treat the same issues. As a consequence to that, people start to randomly throw around words like depression or anxiety or psychopath or bipolar as if they were handing out flyers for a concert.



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Aparna Nayyar

Aparna Nayyar

I write to help people lead more fulfilling lives by helping them take care of their psychological well-being.