Finding The Good In Bad Times

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What does this mean for you and me? Bad news is that nobody is immune to it. If you come in contact with the virus, you will get infected. The good news is, it can be prevented. This means that we need to be cautious in our daily activities and indulge in good hygiene practices along with social distancing in order to avoid being infected by the virus. This also means that we need to be responsible enough to follow the restrictions and guidelines that our governments have declared for our own benefit — if you have been asked to stay at home or stay put wherever you are, instead of complaining just comply.

Another important aspect of being responsible global citizens is to honestly report if you develop symptoms mentioned in the WHO reports but call first and alert medical professionals instead of simply turning up to a hospital or a medical facility unannounced and put everyone around you at risk. We need to understand that we are all responsible for not just ourselves but everyone around more so now than ever. Secondly, don’t lie or try to hide or worse, skip quarantine. These measures have been taken for your benefit and the benefit of all mankind, please don’t be so reckless. I recently came across an article reporting how students returning to India took paracetamol tablets to bring down their body temperatures to avoid being quarantined. Another article reported people deliberately jumping quarantine and traveling to crowded cities. This is not a joke! While we may be creating and sharing jokes and memes across social media platforms to try and lighten the situation, this is not a joke. You ought to understand that if you’re not experiencing any major discomfort upon being infected with COVID19, you might end up passing the virus onto someone who may not survive the disease! So, stay put and honestly cooperate with the authorities. Be the hero you always dreamt of being for now’s your chance. Also, all of the medical supplies that you may be using like masks, etc need to be disposed off properly so make sure you are following official guidelines and not just mindlessly throwing them away just like that. Let us not create another crisis in trying to mitigate one. Lastly, do not engage in panic buying or hoarding of essential commodities, the governments around the world have repeatedly ensured that there will not be a shortage if we buy properly. If we are panic buying or hoarding, many of these essentials will not reach those who need them more than we do.

I have learned that gratitude and a healthy amount of optimism go a long way in how I look at the world and how I behave. I am grateful for everything that I have and I am grateful that everything I have is enough. I am hopeful that we will find our way out of this crisis soon, and I am hopeful that all of us will utilize our rationality and intelligence to do our best in cooperating with the authorities, maintaining good personal hygiene, keeping up with social distancing, and fostering a better relationship with each other.



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Aparna Nayyar

Aparna Nayyar

I write to help people lead more fulfilling lives by helping them take care of their psychological well-being.